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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Topless Female Wrestling CLC-1 

Real Topless Female Wrestling CLC-1

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Here we present a classic match for all our loyal customers. This match CLC-1 features Junylin and Remy facing off in a no holds barred, aggressive submission style battle. CLC-1 has all the aspects that have come to embody our unique and dramatic content: Authentic amateur women wrestling with no scripts and no storylines, fierce and vicious battling, domination, humiliation, and all the erotic wrestling holds you are used to: forced facesitting, forced reverse face sitting, tight and inescapable headscissors, and grappling and powerful headlocks and takedowns. In CLC-1, both matches go even a step further with all the girls forcibly removing the other girl's top so their tits and long nipples are completely exposed for our customers to enjoy.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

In the first match, the action is high spirited and fast paced with both sexy Asian girls trying to get the upper hand immediately. Clad only in short shirts and little panties and thongs to begin, their toned and fit bodies are captured up close and personal with expert camera work - tight shots, close ups, and multiple angles throughout the match.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Junilyn traps Remy's face and head in a vicious and painful headscissors that despite her efforts Remy can't escape from. Junilyn is extremely dominating and exerts that dominance throughout the match teaching Remy a lot of harsh lessons with her forced facesitting and arms and wrists being held and pinned to the mat with brute force. It is very tantalizing and stimulating to see Junilyn's perfect supple young tits sticking straight out over her victim Remy as Junilyn stuffs her unwanted pussy into Remy's mouth. Remy squirms and strains to get free but Junilyn holds her in place very handily. These headscissors and forced facesitting maneuvers are a trademark element of our videos and CLC-1 is no exception.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

In the second match of CLC-1, Maryjane and Jennifer deliver a fight filled with brutal action and focused desire for dominance. Hairpulling, headlocks, and kicking will be seen throughout. Both of these girls want to win and strain every taut muscle in their body to emerge victorious. This second match also delivers forced facesitting, forced reverse facesitting, and punishing long face straddles and headscissors with again, superior camera close ups and viewing angles. As in the first match, tops get pulled off with vigor leaving beautiful young Asian tits and nipples shaking and moving about the match which truly enhances all the competitive erotic action.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Enjoy CLC-1, one of our classic films. As always, our award winning content is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic, no plots or actresses, and no storylines. This is hard hitting, intense submission wrestling with sexy young Asian amateurs fighting and looking to control and humiliate their opponent.

Women Wrestling
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