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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Nude Catfights CVP-3 

Real Nude Catfights CVP-3

Price: AUD$31.00
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Video Format: Download (MP4)

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Absolutely Awesome Action! 2 Real Extremely Hard Fought nude catfights between gorgeous tough Oriental girls. These girls are very high spirited & fight with full determination in full on (no holds are barred) nude catfights! Both fights are fought submission style & feature 2 to 3 rounds per fight.

Nude Catfights Nude Catfights Nude Catfights Nude Catfights Nude Catfights

The first fight is a real grudge fight between 2 evenly sized girls that have a genuine score to settle. Juvy is a good looking girl with an awesome temper. She is a very stubborn fighter that never wants to submit. Ating is a very pretty and innocent looking girl with a gorgeous figure & a super mean attitude. These girls had a genuine grudge against each other over a boyfriend and were willing to settle the score on the streets - We invited them to settle their differences at a safer place & recommended our padded room! You will witness some of the most aggressive and intense fighting ever! There is plenty of rolling around with lots of hard hair pulling & slapping all the wau through this fight. Plenty of good trips and hard throws to the floor. Lots of bad tempered bitchy action and verbal abuse. At one stage of the fight, one girl applies a super tight face straddle pin and then pulls her opponents head (by her hair) in to her crotch & applies an effective face sitting smother to force her opponent to submit. You will also see one girl caught in a school girl pin while she gets her face slapped over and over. She responds violently and yanks the other girlís hair and both girls end up in a tug of war with each otherís hair during the actual pin. Plenty of really bitchy action! Lots of domination & humiliation! This is awesome stuff! 100% real deal from the start to the finish.

Nude Catfights Nude Catfights Nude Catfights Nude Catfights

The second fight on this video is another grudge fight between gorgeous Ating & an extremely sexy, aggressive & dominant opponent Alfi. Both girls look sexy & have nicely curved figures. These girls had been in an argument many times before over general gossip & it is obvious that they dislike each other. This fight can only be described as super mean no holds barred fighting at its best! There is a lot of face slapping & hair pulling all the way through this fight. Super fast paced aggressive action including some really bitchy head scissor holds with both girls locked in a hair pulling contest during the actual head scissor hold. Face straddle pins, face sitting pins, super aggressive & sexy smother pins, good tripping action, head locks & tight face straddle pins with hair pulling & face slapping. Absolutely packed with bad tempered & bitchy action. Plenty of very sexy & effective tight face sitting & smother pins by a gorgeous girl that just loves humiliating her opponents with these kinky pins. Lots of domination & humiliation! All 100% real & natural action from start to finish. No storylines here! Our company policy is based on total customer trust & satisfaction & we pledge to provide to you the most accurate descriptions possible. I can assure you that there is no false or misleading advertising herein to fool you in to a sale. We back this up with a money back guarantee! We guarantee the action in this video to be completely real from start to finish or you get your money back. That's our commitment to you. Please be advised that the first & second fight on this video is also available as a censored(non-nude)version in CV-2 & CV-1. Available on DOWNLOAD! This video is also available for sale through our USA distributor LSCOTT sales.

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