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Mixed Wrestling MV-24 

Mixed Wrestling MV-24

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We are pleased to offer the next installment in our highly acclaimed Mixed Wrestling Series. MV-24 features 2 captivating matches with aggressive action, sexy amateur Asian girls out to prove their strength and power, and up close and personal camera angles that capture the high spirited action in full crisp color and detail.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The first match features Norma against Roland. Norma is a very solid and strong Asian girl in a white bra and small charcoal panties which are very alluring. Roland wears a small black brief and he is also athletic so you can expect that the action will be intense from the beginning.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Norma begins the match with a very tight and secure headlock and some flips to the mat in order to gain the upper hand. she get in control of Roland and pins his arms and wrists to the mat to hold him in place. Roland fights back valiantly trying to prevent himself from being overpowered and manipulated by this serious and violent Asian girl. he has his hands full as Norma is determined to demonstrate who is the stronger and better fighter.

Norma is verbally abusive and taunts and demeans her weaker victim. She traps his head between her thighs and force facesits her struggling opponent. As she does this she says "SUBMIT!" When he does she commands "LOUDER!" When he says it louder she says " Good I want you to stay there. I want you to take it all in!" "Get used to it you can't get out!" she scolds him as she secures her pussy onto his face. She is very commanding. She then proceeds to trap him in a crotch to crotch figure 4 spread eagle pin holding his arms to the mat and spreading his legs against his will. Extremely sexy.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

In the 2nd match, Mayeth faces off against newcomer Michael and she proceeds to teach him a lesson and show him the ropes. She throws him to the mat, captures him in a vicious headlock, and then begins to dominate and control her struggling victim.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

She is wearing a very erotic black leather thong so her tight ass is constantly on display. Tight tiny black briefs are worn by Michael. She quickly and skillfully launches into a wicked inescapable headscissors. He twists and turns to get free. She confidently taunts him with "keep squirming like an idiot" as she secures his face an inch away from her pussy.

Mixed Wrestling

The action is high spirited, fast paced, very tough and gritty, and intense. Mayeth doesn't hesitate to abuse and punish Roland and she shows him absolutely no mercy. He wiggles and squirms to free himself of her restraint and control but no luck. Mayeth also delivers a powerful crotch to crotch figure 4 spread eagle pin while pinning his arms to the mat and keeping his legs spread wide open. Then she quickly changes positions and force facesits him as she forces her unwanted pussy onto his mouth and face. Then, in a very erotic turn, she turns around and sits on his face and reverse force face sits poor struggling Roland.

It is authentic, genuine, no phoniness female dominance and supremacy with incredibly young, sexy and slender Asian girls controlling and commanding athletic toned men who fight back but end up dominated anyway. MV24 should be the type of content our customers have come to expect from our Mixed Wrestling matches. Enjoy.

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