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Mixed Wrestling MV-25 

Mixed Wrestling MV-25

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It is our pleasure as we release for our customers the latest edition of the most authentic and exhilarating mixed wrestling available today in MV25. MV-25 features two action packed matches that offer high intensity battling, erotic maneuvers, and lots of female control and command with a resisting and struggling fit male.

In Match 1, Norma faces off against Albert. Albert is athletic, toned, and ready to fight. Norma is wearing a form fitting 1-piece body suit with a thong-like appearance which is highly stimulating especially during close ups of the great camera work during the match.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

The match starts off with a high action and fast paced aggressiveness. Norma is intent on exerting her strength and dominance as early as possible. She twists and grabs Albert by the arms, body, neck, and head in order to get him to the ground and get on top of him. Albert fights back valiantly as he realizes that with Norma's powerful build and imposing physique if she gets on top of him it will be difficult to get her off if she pins him down.

Norma eventually manages to secure Albert with tight headlocks and fierce takedowns to the mat. She also executes 2 commanding moves that will be sure to be enjoyed by our fans. The first is a dominating figure-4 spread eagle pin where Norma holds his arms securely to the mat while she spreads Albert's legs wide apart so he is unable to move or escape despite his struggling an squirming. Very erotic.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

The 2nd maneuver is an advanced forced headscissors where Norma displays her power by trapping Albert's head between her thighs and right up near her pussy. As a result, Albert receives a lot of pain and discomfort and embarrassment. Yet, the move is too brutal and he is unable to remove his head from between her thighs.

The remaining two elements of this ferocious battle make this match one to own for your personal library. Firstly, Norma overpowers Albert throughout the match highlighted by aggressive forced facesitting. She violently grans his wrists and pushes them down to the mat so he can't get free and she shoves her pussy deep into his face and mouth even though he is trying with all his might to avoid this humiliation. Lots of terrific camera angles and up close views. The second element to enjoy is Norma's verbal command over Albert. For example as she force facesits her poor victim, she says “Learn to enjoy it until I am done.” She continues to verbally abuse him during the battle. Quite controlling.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

Match Number 2 features our most seasoned and sought after female wrestler Jevy up against newcomer Neil.

Neil is extremely fit and agile and determined to fight well and be a formidable competitor to Jevy. He wears small tight black briefs while Jevy has on a sexy black bra and incredibly sexy leopard thong panties so her ass and most of her pussy are on full display for your viewing pleasure. Jevy's body is extremely tight and toned and is capable of handling most men that try to challenge her.

This is a brutal, aggressive fight between these two young Asian wrestlers. Jevy uses all her muscles and experience to take control and overpower Neil to teach this newcomer a lesson in humility and female dominance. Neil fights and struggles with all his might but to no avail.

Jevy is well known for her squeezing, commanding headscissors and figure-4 spread eagle crotch to crotch pins. Jevy is masterful at keeping her opponent's legs wide apart against his will which is both embarrassing and humiliating for Neil. Jevy knows how to manipulate her victim's body to use for her enjoyment and to show her physical superiority over Neil.

Jevy as our customers know is famous for her tight face straddles and forced face sitting. She thoroughly enjoys taking a weaker male who is fighting back and struggling and resisting and pinning him to the mat and forcing him to come face to face with her pussy. This is difficult for any young, proud Asian male to accept which is why Neil struggles so much to avoid this humiliation at any cost.

asian mixed wrestling

What makes MV-25 even ore stimulating is that during her forced facesitttng, some young men have taken to turning their head away from her pussy so they don't have to look at her pussy or have their mouth unwillingly stuffed with her pussy as she pins them down. Jevy no longer tolerates this turning away. You will see her physically grab Neil’s head and force his head to line up directly with her pussy as she force facesits hm. As she does this, she commands “Face it. Stop turning away” and “Face it Get used to it.” This taunting and female domination is erotic and stimulating for any viewer and fan of genuine mixed wrestling.

We have been producing genuine and authentic Asian submission style wrestling for many, many years and our loyal customers can always count on pure action with no storylines, actors, phony staged content, or scripted nonsense like you often see in the marketplace today. Get a copy of MV-25 if you want to see unbridled, intense, aggressive and fierce mixed fighting and female superiority and domination over a resisting and struggling male - at its finest.

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