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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Mixed Wrestling MV-5 

Mixed Wrestling MV-5

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One of our best Male vs Female real fighting videos! Absolutely Awesome! Real fighting to the extremes with tough dominant female fighters beating up their dwarf male opponents in 100% real no holds barred fights! This video also features an exciting Big vs small fight! Both fights are extremely hard fought, Fast paced, aggressive & feature intense action from start to finish! These fights are fought submission style! There are approximately 2 to 3 rounds per fight!

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The first fight features one of our most attractive, skilled & aggressive female fighters. She looks awesome in her cute little costume & we put knee high leather boots on her to slow her down & give her puny little male opponent a slight advantage. The action in this fight is “Honestly Fantastic”! This small built Asian male has plenty of determination & fights to the best of his ability! He certainly puts on a very high-spirited fight! Plenty of punching, hard slapping & vicious hair pulling all the way through this fight! At one stage of the fight the female grabs this Asian guy by the hair & just keeps punching into his head. Check out the body language in one of the photographs below & see how scared this puny male becomes after receiving a series of punches to his head! This fight is absolutely mean with some super sexy holds & pins! This dominant female drags this guy around the room by his hair while punching into him & then straddles the poor guy & basically pulls his hair out by their roots. This guy does everything possible to resist a submission & wriggles & twists his body in all directions to try & break free. At one stage, the female loses her temper - she yanks his hair and pulls his face in to her crotch & slowly moves forward to smother this poor little fellow. Truly dominant & awesome action! Another highlight of this fight is where the female applies a very effective & tight headscissor hold & squeezes so hard that this little male panics & tries to break free. He struggles away as though his life depended on it and gets extremely angry & reaches out to pull the females hair, then the female loses her temper again & both fighters become entangled in a hair-pulling contest while the female tries to squeeze the life out of her male opponent in this fantastic headscissor hold. Absolutely awesome stuff! One of our best-mixed fights, without a doubt!

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The second fight is a racial fight between one of our bigger Chinese female fighters & a small Filipino man. This female is very attractive, skilled & dominant! She looks great in her small V-string & we put knee high leather boots on her to slow her down & to give her tiny little male opponent a slight advantage. The action in this fight is very fast paced & features a lot of very dominant & humiliating holds & pins! Prides are at stake & each fighter uses their full determination to try & force their opponent to submit! This small built Asian male actually looks like a little dwarf! He is very small indeed, but very muscular & fights with plenty of aggression & determination. In fact, this little dwarf manages to pin his female opponent a few times, but actually lacks the physical strength & weight needed to hold her down & so the bigger female simply throws him off. Fantastic punching & hard face slapping action all the way through this fight! Lots of hair-pulling, tight headlocks, good trips & throws to the ground. Some very tight, sexy & humiliating face-sitting pins & tight & painful head-scissor holds! This female is very dominant & clearly enjoys beating up her smaller male opponent. At one stage of this fight, the female jumps on the males chest & he is obviously hurt. He screams in pain while holding his chest & then limps around the room & tries to run away from his female opponent. She chases him & continues to fight & dominate him! Fantastic action! Truly recommended for real mixed fighting fans! We guarantee the action in this video to be completely real from start to finish or you get your money back. That's our committment to you. Available on DVD and DOWNLOAD!

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- 07/25/2011



- 08/22/2010

Juvy is the most attractive wrestler, and she is the Mixed Wrestling Queen!

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