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Mixed Wrestling MV-8 

Mixed Wrestling MV-8

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Real Mixed Fighting to the absolute Extremes! Extremely aggressive & totally real fighting between gorgeous females & their smaller male opponents. This video would definately rate as one of our best male vs female real fighting videos ever.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

These girls show no mercy at all towards their male opponents. They punch, kick, slap, & rip out their opponents hair as they go all out for a total victory. Many tactical holds & pins are expertly applied with some extremely dominant & humiliating holds & submissions. Both male opponents put up a very high spirited fight & both fights are purely packed with action from start to finish. Adrenalin pumping action all the way through both fights. This is an Extremely Awesome video. The first fight features a gorgeous, extremely tough & slim female fighter wearing her small sexy tiger bikini & a small leather top with high leather boots. Her opponent is a small male with a high pride & a very confident attitude. This guy is small but very athletic, strong & very determined to win the large prize money.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The fight features 3 rounds & is fought submission style. It begins with fast paced hard slapping, hard hair pulling & some headlocks. Tempers heat up quickly & there are some very hard slaps to both faces with a lot of super hard kicking action that causes the male a lot of obvious pain. The female applies some very tight, sexy & dominant face sitting pins & there is a lot of struggling & wriggling by the smaller male as he tries his best to avoid a submission pin. During the fight, the dominant female demands the male to submit, he resists & she responds aggressively by yanking his hair & pulling his face right in to her crotch while demanding his submission. Warning – During this fight there are some super hard slaps to the face & this causes the male to bleed from his mouth. This wound then becomes a lot worse as the female applies an effective reverse face-sitting pin & sits on him with her full weight. The blood is very obvious! An Absolutely Awesome Fight! This fight is absolutely spectacular! It is “Extremely” aggressive & as “mean” as these fights can get. It features a real no holds barred prized fight between a super dominant mature woman aged 27 & a young, fit, healthy & strong small male opponent. This woman looks great in her red v-string bikini with black top & high black leather boots. The guy looks very agile & muscular! The fight goes for 3 rounds & is fought submission style. Evidently, there were a lot of verbal insults before this actual fight started & this woman was absolutely furious at the insults subjected to her by the male. From the very start of this fight, she loses her temper & goes absolutely wild & literally beats the absolute crap out of this poor young fellow. Honestly, this woman is purely mean & shows no mercy! She throws full on slaps & punches to this guy’s face & head while dragging him all around the room by his hair. She continuously kicks him hard with her high boots, knees him in the face & then throws him to the floor & slaps his face over & over while yanking his hair backwards & forwards during a tight face straddle pin. She even sits on his face with her full weight & you can hear the guy’s muffled cries for a breathe of air. Absolutely awesome fighting footage! Warning - There are some scenes in this fight that are extremely aggressive. This guy loses a lot of blood from his mouth during this fight & this woman is extremely dominant & shows no mercy at all towards her bleeding victim. Extremely Awesome footage that is 100% real & very rare to see!

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