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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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MVHD-2 high spirited male vs female match up 

MVHD-2 high spirited male vs female match up

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This match features 21-year-old Maryanne who stands at 5'1" tall facing off against 18-year-old Joe who is 5'3" tall. Maryanne is wearing a small bikini with pink and black panties which show off her incredibly slender physique and round tight Asian ass. Joe fights in black briefs.

This match is definitely a battle of wills. There is very intense grappling from the very beginning with each opponent trying to get the upper hand. Obviously, the determination as strong as neither wants to be humiliated and pinned by the other sex.

female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

They each try to perform body scissors, head scissors, headlocks, forced flipping takedowns and other types of tactics in order to gain leverage and you see these moves executed and held for a short span of time until the other regains their composure and turns the table on their opponent to gain the top position.

Joe is the first to maintain these positions and facesits the resisting and struggling Maryanne. After some time, she manages to throw him off and tries to pull down his shorts. This only serves to aggravate Joe and he flips her on her back and pins her again.

female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

The action is high spirited and fast-paced and with all of the contact and maneuvering Maryanne's left breast pops out of her bikini with full nipple exposure and you can see the young nubile body on display.

female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

Joe begins to tire out and Maryanne execute an incredibly advanced maneuver where she remains on her back but her calves wrap around Joe's neck and he tries to propel himself up for but she refuses to let go. It is definitely a move worth seeing.

Each of the competitors manage to accomplish a body scissors or head scissors at some point not allowing the other to get free. When Joe has the upper hand he enjoys pinning her hands to the mat and facesitting her so his crotch is right up near her face. She obviously detests this humiliation.

female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

Maryanne manages to exhaust Joe and when she does she is able to take charge and facesit her weaker male opponent. She finishes the match in a long and enduring and inescapable brutal head scissors where he is forced to look directly at her pussy without being able to escape. Humiliating.

This intense and erotic match can be downloaded directly and as always, you can expect young tight Asian bodies in a no scripted, no role-playing, all authentic submission style wrestling action. Enjoy this match and more to come.

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