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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Wrestling WV-41 

Real Female Wrestling WV-41

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It is with great anticipation and appreciation for the patience of our loyal customers that we present WV41. This video features two seasoned veterans and two extremely sexy newcomers in a battle of high-intensity in our award-winning series of ultimate submission style female vs. female Asian amateur wrestling.

Match 1 has Marybeth facing off squarely against Marjorie. Marjorie is only 18 years old and has an incredibly lean, taut, and tight Asian body. We clad her in tiny white panties and bra. Mayeth who is 27 sports a sexy leopard skirt and alluring top.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

The match begins with a square off armwrestling which Mayeth wind and it begs the question is this a preview of things to come?

The match begins with a very high level of intensity and both seasoned veteran and newcomer grapple and strain and push up on each other with incredible effort and fierceness. Our newcomer tries to take the aggressive role and she does her level best to pin Mayeth to the ground in order to secure a forced facesitting maneuver and put the athletic girl in her place. However the roles get reversed and before our newcomer is able to teach any lessons to the seasoned veteran our season veteran Mayeth conduct some headlocks and chokeholds and secures her victim into a Grapevine where she spreads Marjorie's legs far and wide much to her embarrassment.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

We see multiple sessions during this match and clearly one of Mayeth's favorite maneuvers is the scissor hold where she traps her victims head between her inescapable size and move them closer to her pussy where she can truly feel dominant and be in complete control which of course she is over Marjorie. Marjorie does try to escape and Squireman resist but to no avail.

Terrific up close camerawork captures all the action and you can gander at these two beautiful young females throughout the entire match and my other slender athletic and toned bodies.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

Mayeth's is very verbally commanding. While she is administering a forced face sitting maneuver her poor victim Marjorie tries to move her head and Mayeth's response telling her Come on your face cant avoid this" Turn towards me Face it. Hows that smell?

Perhaps the final element of this match which makes it incredibly stimulating for someone to purchase for the collection either download or DVD is Marjorie is young and sexy and at 18 years old she is very perky and firm tits and long nipples and with all of the struggling and straining her top comes down and the viewers and customers are able to spend time examining her nipples and it's very erotic and intense.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

Enjoy this video. WV-41 has some powerful elements and has remarkable action and dynamic battling between these two incredibly lovely young amateur Asians and the action is not staged or phony but rather real and authentic between two battling girls. Verbally Mayeth is very accomplished and scolds beautifully and she will frequently order her victims EAT IT or her latest : BRING YOUR FACE CLOSER YOURE NOT GETTING OUT SO DO AS I SAY.

Match 2 features one of our most senior if not the most seasoned veteran with all of the command that you would expect from a top-notch female Asian amateur wrestler and her name is Jevy.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

Maryjane is only 18. At 27 years old Jevy is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable and capable with all of her wisdom through the years but Maryjane puts up an incredible flight and you see high intensity fast-paced aggressive and fierce action between these two females.

The match opens as they are grappling and they exchange headlocks and Jevy is getting pissed and at this point in the match Jevy is used to having her way already but not with this girl. Yet.

Maryjane is able to use her quickness and athleticism to escape and avoid the punishment that Jevy is trying to deliver. Unfortunately she hasn't had a lot of matches under her belt and as a result of that she gets tired and when she does Jevy seizes that opportunity and pins her victim to the mat. However she is still able to struggle enough to really upset Jevy ego is getting furious that she can't stuff Maryjane's mouth with her pussy. So what she does is pinned post of her arms above her head right to the sign by her ears so that her hands and arms are completely immobile and then wait if you can put her pussy directly on her face and she can't move and she has to take it all in. Maryjane tries to turn her head away from humiliation but Jevy very firmly and sternly lectures her and says MY PUSSY GOES WHERE YOUR FACE GOES. Very powerful. Very erotic.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

Throughout the rest of the match you will see move after move from Grapevine to headlocks to hair pulling to brutally aggressive scissorhold maneuvers where she pulls her victim up by her hair so that Maryjane has her head stuck inescapably between her thighs and staring directly at her pussy.

Jevy teaches newcomer Maryjane a lesson in female power and punishment. It is very exciting to witness the power and strength and agility and catlike reflexes of Jevy punishing and commanding sexy young newcomer Maryjane. Enjoy it fully.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

WV-41 has all the typical exhilarating elements that you would expect from this award winning series. No actresses, no plots and no storylines just pure authentic action in submission style featuring the hottest and sexiest young Asian amateur females wrestling today. Download today!

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- 04/28/2019

Very good video. Jevy & Mayeth are their usual dominant, sexy selves. The two new young women, Marjorie & Maryjane, were sexy and spirited. Like the English subtitles. Having the winner and loser pose together after the match was a nice touch. Would have ...


- 01/03/2019


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