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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

Technical Support

Our technical support page is designed to help you resolve most common or minor problems. Before contacting us, we recommend that you check through our troubleshooting guide below in order to help you to solve most of the common problems more quickly. Many problems can be quickly solved by checking the listed problems below and following the recommended answers.

How do I purchase a download video?

  1. Please click on any category button on our home page and/or select the video of your choice.
  2. Click on one of the Video Format options (Download or DVD)
  3. Click on the "Add to Cart " button.
  4. You will now be redirected to your Shopping Cart, from here you may CHECKOUT or Continue Shopping .
  5. If you choose to checkout, simply follow the transaction process and enter the correct details.
  6. Your download links will be available once your payment has been approved (this is instant).
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Shopping Cart Problems:

  1. Q: How do I remove an unwanted product from my shopping cart?
    A: To remove an unwanted product, simply click on the red X with the words "remove" under it, it is located to the right of the
    product row in your shopping cart.
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Ordering problems/Credit card problems - Problems ordering your video/download

If you are having any problems ordering from our website, then the following information may be helpful to you -

  1. Our gateway (credit card processing system) is fully automatic, if ever a credit card is rejected then the reason is likely to be that you have entered some wrong details in the credit card details section. In this case, please review your details carefully and make the necessary alterations.
  2. Please check that your credit card has not expired.
  3. If your credit card is still rejected, then perhaps you have reached your maximum allowable spending limit. Please contact your bank.
  4. If you have contacted your bank and you are sure that your credit card has adequate funds but still receive errors, then please contact us or refer to the options below.

If none of the above will work for you, then we have the following options -

  1. Please see our Payment Options page for alternative payment options.
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Download Problems:

  1. Q: My video will not download?
    A: This can be caused by a bad internet connection. Please try closing all programs that may be using your internet connection
    then try to download your video again. Examples of these programs are Chat applications, Open browsers, Auto Updaters etc.

    Answer 2: Mozilla Firefox has been known to give problems when downloading from our website. Please make sure you update your firefox version to at least 3.6.3 and above.

    Answer 3: Smartphones and Tablets are known to cause problems when downloading as they try to WATCH the movie rather than download. You can try to use 3rd party download managers on your devices.
  2. Q: How long does it take to download?
    A: It will take approximately 45 to 90 minutes to download one video using broadband. A dial up connection of 56K speed will take longer (approx 20 hours) to download one Video. Our downloads can be resumed if you use download managers.

    The Following Table shows Estimated download times.

    Connection Type Download Speed
    (kilobits per sec)
    Download Time for
    500MB video
    Download Speed
    Modems 56.0 Kbps 20 hrs 0.40 MB/min
    ISDN 1-channel*
    ISDN 2-channel*
    64.0 Kbps
    128.0 Kbps
    16 hrs
    8 hrs
    0.46 MB/min
    0.92 MB/min
    HDSL 768.0 Kbps 1.30 hrs 5.49 MB/min
    ADSL 1,544.0 Kbps 42 min 11.01 MB/min
    Cable** 4,000.0 Kbps 16 min 28.61 MB/min
  3. Q: How many times can I download my movie & when will my downloadable movie expire?
    A: You may download your movie as many times within a period of 14 days. After this time, if you have not watched your movie, then
    please contact our technical support so that they can help you to re-activate your downloadable links.
  4. Q:How many times can I watch my movie?
    A: Once you have downloaded your movie on to your hard drive, you can watch the movie over and over as many times as you like.
  5. Q: Is there any software that can help to reduce the downloading problems?
    A: Yes. We recommend that you use the following download manager to speed up the downloading process and to help to reduce
    the possibility of any downloading fall outs or problems. The following downloading manager is available for free at
  6. Q: Can I download one fight at a time?
    A: Our videos are sold as one complete movie, each fight cannot be download separately.
  7. Q: When I click on the download link, I do not get any response?
    A: This could be a result of a slow internet connection, using a mobile device or outdated 3rd party applications. Please wait for your browser to return an error message after clicking the download link.
    If the browser returns any errors please report the problem to [email protected]
  8. Q: Can I watch your movies while its downloading (streaming)?
    A: We do not support streaming. You may find applications that can stream our videos.
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Movie Playing Problems:

  1. Q: I have downloaded the video, but it will not play?
    A: If you have experienced playing problems with your video it is highly likely that you do not have the proper codecs installed. Please try to download the latest video codecs for your operating system. We recommend K-Lite Codec Pack Full (windows only)
  2. Q: I have a MAC computer which doesn't support K-Lite Codec Packs.
    A: For MAC systems we recommend VLC which can be found at the following link VLC MAC
  3. Q: I have purchased a DVD but it will not play on my DVD player.
    A: Our DVD's are fully tested before being shipped, our DVD's are in NTSC format which may not be compatible with some PAL systems. If you are certain that the DVD is faulty then please contact us.

    Note: You can play DVD's on your computer, however please be advised that you must install codecs before the DVD's can be played. This applies to all DVD's in general.
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Forgot Your Password?

  1. If your password for your account has been lost then you may do one of the following:
    - Visit the following link to request your current login details : Request Password
    - Send an Email to [email protected] requesting that your account password be reset.
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