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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Topless Catfight Custom-2 

Real Topless Catfight Custom-2

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Custom-2 is a very erotic and stimulating match. You will see veteran Jevy looking fitter and toner than ever up against fan favorite Wellmarch, an adorable young female who's body is one to behold. These amateur Asian girls are very athletic with tight round butts, thin waists, strong legs and both are incredibly sexy in their tiny thong panties.

In this match we did not allow tops so we took both of their tops off so both girls have their full breasts and pointy dark Asian nipples on full display throughout the entire match. Both girls spend most of the match with their nipples fully erect from the contact and grappling but they don't have any time to tend to their embarrassment or exposure because the match is so ferocious and brutal.

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The furious action picks up immediately with violent hair pulling, aggressive and powerful headlocks, and each girl straining and twisting and turning to get the upper hand. As is readily apparent both girls have a lot of strength and certainly a lot of pride so neither one of them wants to be thrown down to the mat and overpowered.

Eventually Jevy gets some leverage on Wellmarch and takes her to the ground and straddles her and and attempts to pin her to the mat and begin exerting control. Wellmarch has a tremendous amount of fight and determination in her and skillfully reverses being on her back and manages to trap Jevy between her legs for a painful and inescapable headscissor maneuver. She keeps her trapped between her thighs for an extended period of time.

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This only serves to infuriate Jevy so when she does manage to get free she pins Wellmarch's wrists to the mat high above her head and executes her trademark forced facesitting on the struggling and resisting Wellmarch.

This battling and back-and-forth struggle goes on for sometime but it is clear that Wellmarch does not have as much stamina as Jevy so Jevy begins to take more powerful control of the alluring Wellmarch.

When Jevy senses Wellmarch's fatigue, as she is facesitting her, she reaches back and hooks her right arm under Wellmrch's left leg followed by her left arm under Wellmarch's his right leg and executes an impeccable and outstanding rollup pin as she continues to force face the helpless girl.

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In this position Jevy has Wellmarch exactly where she wants and is prepared to teach her a lesson and discipline. Well March can't move and has a mouth full of pussy while her arms are pinned. Meanwhile, her legs are bent up and back over her head. Jevy enjoys grabbing the back of Wellmarch's ankles and pushing them into the mat so she is completely folded over in half with her incredible ass sticking straight up in the air and her thong panties barely covering her pussy. Great camerawork captures all of this action beautifully.

Unfortunately for Wellmarch, this humiliation of being rolled over and trapped with her ankles behind her ears is not enough for Jevy. Jevy pins her ankles together, turns around, and proceeds to spank Wellmarch firmly on the ass and turn her butt bright red. Wellmarch is completely helpless and immobile so she can't do anything but accept her sound spanking.

It is extremely erotic to see the sexy and beautiful Jevity trapping the adorable Wellmarch between her legs as she force facesits her, and all the while rolling her up and pinning her ankles behind her head and then proceeded to give her a firm spanking.

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After Jevy completes her dominance of the resisting and humiliated Wellmarch, she stands up and places her barefoot hard on the stomach of her beaten opponent who's trying to get up off the floor from her embarrassment. Jevy will have none of that and keeps her foot trapped and pinned on Wellmarch's stomach as she tries to stand up but Jevy will not allow it and just presses her barefoot harder into the stomach of Wellmarch so she stays put.

This command and control and dominance against a resisting and proud Asian female is the type of first-rate content we've been delivering for a long time and now with some new elements we expect our loyal customers will be very pleased with this action. As always, unscripted with no plots or actresses or storylines. These are real girls in real fights with real action and now with the added element of the loser being spanked we know and trust our customers will enjoy.

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- 12/21/2015

beautiful women.

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