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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Mixed Wrestling MV-26 

Mixed Wrestling MV-26

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It is with great excitement that we release our latest installment of our award winning Mixed Wrestling Asian Amateur Submission Style MV-26. We have 2 gripping and exhilarating matches for you in MV-26. The first match puts fan favorite Mayeth vs. a new young determined Asian amateur male named Kim in a match brimming with intensity. The second match features our top female wrestler Jevy battling against a slender and proud Ralph in a heated and graphic match.

In match 1, Mayeth who is 25 years old is fighting Kim who is 18 years old. Clearly Mayeth's experience came into play when it came time to teach young Kim a lesson or two in power and strength. Mayeth is wearing a tight black bra and tiny revealing white thong panties. Kim is in tight black briefs showing off his athletic and toned frame. The action is fast-paced and aggressive from the start of this match with tight squeezing headscissors and throwdowns. Kim gains the initial upper hand at first and pins Mayeth and her wrists to the mat. Through squirming and wiggling she eventually bucks him off and then leaps like a furious leopard on top of him to trap his wrists to the mat like he did to her.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

She then executes a figure for spread eagle pin spreading his legs painfully wide apart despite his resistance. She simply refuses to allow hm to close his legs.

Brutal head scissors and a standing head scissors maneuver with her on her back are very exciting. Kim twists and turns to get free but she would not let him escape from between her thighs and even says “stop moving or I'll break your neck.” Very powerful and commanding.

After some sweaty and arduous fighting, Mayeth masterfully rolls him over and after a series of moves force facesits him while he struggles with all his might to get free but she just insults him and says “take that” as she pins him down and gives poor Kin a mouthful of unwanted pussy. Extremely embarrassing and humiliating for this proud young Asian man. He does manage to reverse his bottom position and get on top of her and quickly spreadeagle pins Mayeth and spreads her legs wide apart.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

However, what ends up happening multiple times is as he gets the upper hand and pins her down and tries to take control but this only infuriates her and she winds up reversing her position very aggressively and eventually with fierceness pins him down and spreads his legs apart as she holds to the mat.

In a very erotic and stimulating new tactic sure to please our customers, Mayeth turns around on him and executes an extremely humiliating and dominating reverse face sitting where she holds and pins his wrists over her thighs so we literally has no chance of escape and has to endure this humiliation until she decides to let him up which is no time soon.

Sensational up close camera angles capture all this domination. Mayeth gets very frustrated and displeased when she is facesitting her victim and they try to turn their head so that they don't have to face her pussy. Mayeth will not allow the victim to turn their head so she makes sure that their face and mouth are facing forward and she can then give them 100% of her pussy up into their face and mouth while they are helplessly pinned down. A stimulating visual for certain.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

Match 2 has Jevy, a 25 year old powerhouse and dominant Asian girl, against Ralph who is only 19 and has a lot to learn. Jevy wears a small black bra with sexy lingerie style G strings and tiny white thong panties.

Jevy begins with her typical fierce ways with a punishing headlock and throwing him all around the ring. Ralph fights back valiantly to show he can defend himself and not be pushed around by this female. All to no avail.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

Ralph finds himself caught in a vicious headscissors. He writhes, turns, twists, but absolutely she will not let him free. She enjoys having this young fit Asian male under her authority even if he detests being controlled and punished. She even warns him that if he continues to struggle she will break his neck and calls him an idiot.

Jevy is particularly verbally abusive. When she has him under her control she says do you submit and then when he said that he did submit hoping that he would be let free, she says “ Good! Now that you submit just stay under there and like a real bitch she keeps him trapped under her pussy in her intense force face sitting humiliation pin.

asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling asian mixed wrestling

Our motto and mission is to provide true, real, authentic and genuine mixed wrestling fighting and submission style wrestling between young, sexy, Asian amateurs. Our content is unscripted and not phony or staged or having any of the nonsense or phoniness you often see in practically all wrestling content. The participants don't resist and fight back and thus, the action is weak and unsatisfying. Download MV-26 today to see what pure, aggressive, intense, and unscripted mixed wrestling action actually looks like – and with some of the hottest and sexiest Asian amateurs around. Enjoy!

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Great fighting

- 06/05/2014

One of the most impressive videos. Jevy is very sexy and beautiful. She knows how to wrestle and dominate men.

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