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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Topless Female Wrestling WV-19 

Real Topless Female Wrestling WV-19

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A hot wrestling match and an intense catfight. 4 beautiful young Asian girls each looking to dominate and humiliate their weaker opponent. Lovely, tight, and fit bodies grappling, struggling, hairpulling, straining, and battling. Tops get stripped off and mouths get stuffed with unwanted pussies. These are just some of the erotic themes you will enjoy when you pick up a copy of WV-19.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

The first match is both lively and dynamic. Jainelyn is competing against Joy and both girls are sexy and stimulating to watch fight. High-spirited action in this wrestling match has both girls pulling hair, and executing headlocks and judo flips to the mat. Joy definitely takes the upper hand. Both girls wear skimpy tops and thong panties. You will see superior forced facesitting maneuvers, intense and painful headscissor holds where Joy pulls the trapped Jainelyn's face directly into her pussy with no remorse, and long squeezing face straddles with excellent camera angles so you can fully appreciate how Joy controls and humiliates Jainelyn with her strength, vigor, and athleticism. Expect some very effective reverse face sitting pins where Joy sits her taut ass and pussy directly on Jainelyn's face, reverse-style!

A dramatic element in this first match is when Joy gets angry and strips the top off of Jainelyn to expose her naked breasts. She then manipulates Jainelyn's face and mouth directly under her pussy. She keeps her pinned there as Jainelyn struggles but then she decides to strip her own top off and does, exposing her luscious tits as well. Joy has an incredible set of breasts and perfect nipples. Our customers will thoroughly relish the way Joy's big firm tits sway and move unobstructed and unrestrained as they dangle over the pinned and embarrassed and humiliated Jainelyn, still with her mouth stuffed with Joy's forceful pussy.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

The second match features Juvy batttling Jevy in another hard fought, action packed, furious paced contest of will, determination, and skill. Both girls are masterful with balance and with both girls being slender and nubile, the erotic nature comes through to the viewers in full force. You will see real punches, hair pulling, slapping, hard kicking and loud verbal abuse.

Juvy manages to exert her dominance and torments Jevy. Juvy teaches Jevy some very tough lessons in unrelenting forced facesitting and Jevy, despite her struggling, must accept her punishment in the form of having her mouth constantly stuffed with Juvy's pussy despite her resistance. Juvy implements some very long and exceedingly fierce headscissor holds here that render Jevy helpless. Juvy clearly enjoys controlling and commanding Jevy, and the viewers get to witness first hand this domination.

Don't hesitate. Get your own copy of WV-19. Like all of our videos, WV-19 comes with an IRON-CLAD guarantee directly from us to you. We film and produce only 100% authentic and genuine submission style wrestling for your pleasure. There are no actresses or professionals. This is simply and completely 100% unstaged, amateur wrestling at its finest and when you purchase a video, this is exactly what we will deliver to you - guaranteed.

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