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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
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Real Female Wrestling WV-27 

Real Female Wrestling WV-27

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WV-27 features beautiful high pride Asian college girls going all out trying to dominate each other. The action is intense, erotic, and full of domination and humiliation for the loser. WV-27 is everything you could ask for in a forced facesitting match, and more.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

In the first match, both of the young girls are incredibly fit and strong and agile, but clearly Maryjane is the dominating presence. Maryjane (5 feet 4) wastes little time in headlocking and controlling the smaller girl Jeremey (5 feet only). Maryjane repeatedly teaches the bratty Jeremy a solid lesson in forced facesitting submission style wrestling.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

Maryjane, clad in a small tight red bra and thong white panties, flips the struggling and writhing Jeremy to the floor. Jeremy does everything within her power to buck the stronger opponent off of her. She twists her body, bends her legs, and pushes up on the mat, anything to get Maryjane's pussy our of her mouth. Maryjane grinds her pussy fiercely and solidly into Jeremy's mouth. Maryjane pins the weaker Jeremy over and over with ultra long facesitting pins, superior face/head straddling maneuvers, and overall complete dominance.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

There are two dramatic elements of this first match that make WV-27 an ABSOLUTE MUST OWN. The first element is the subtitles. Maryjane is a very dominant young girl. She clearly enjoys being in a superior position over Jeremy and teases and taunts Jeremy. She says things like "Get up" and "Still trying?" and "Come on get out" knowing full well Jeremy can't move. Her commanding words add an incredibly erotic aspect to this match. And with Maryjane's big breasts dangling over Jeremy as she fully and completely dominates Jeremy both verbally and physically, you will be highly stimulated beyond belief.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

The second element of this first match on WV-27 which you must see to believe is that with all this domination and forced facesitting of Jeremy by Maryjane, Maryjane begins to get very excited herself. She is so thoroughly enjoying controlling Jeremy, and forcing her pussy into a helpless Jeremy's mouth, that Maryjane begins to get sexually stimulated and lubricated between her legs onto her white panties. The combination of Jeremy's mouth being forced deep into Maryjane's panties, and Maryjane's enjoyment of her powerful control over Jeremy, make for a wet panties scenario for Maryjane. This excitement will directly translate into significant satisfaction for our customers as both Asian girls are utterly beautiful.

Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling Female Wrestling

The second match features 5 feet 2 inches Jevy versus 5 feet 1 inch Shendy. Again, these young Asian girls are athletic, fit, toned, strong, and downright gorgeous. Shendy gives a valiant attempt to avoid having her mouth stuffed with Jevy's pussy but ultimately, Jevy's muscles and will win out and Shendy finds herself pinned to the mat with her face squeezed between Jevy's beautiful strong legs and her mouth full of Jevy's pussy. Jevy grabs Shendy's hair and pulls it up into her crotch. She verbally abuses the weaker but gorgeous Shendy over and over with lines like "Take it in, you deserve it" and "Why are you facing away - Face it!" "I said Face it" and "You fucking bitch - don't be hard-headed." Jevy cherishes her dominance over Shendy, often taking the time while she is force facesitting Shendy to tuck her own hair behind her ears while she secures both of Shendy's wrists with one of her hands. This match might be one of the most ferocious, commanding, dominating, and erotic matches we have filmed to date. You must see this match to get the full appreciation for how sexy and intense the action is.

Female Wrestling

Overall, WV-27 is yet another incredible addition to our already growing content of forced facesitting female/female submission style wrestling. The standard motto for our customers will always hold true: We GUARANTEE you will see 100% authentic, genuine, unstaged, realistic submission wrestling in all of our videos.

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