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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Wrestling WV-29 

Real Female Wrestling WV-29

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« Previous | Next » has done it again! We present to our customers the latest addition of this amazing series with WV-29. WV-29 contains all the outstanding aspects you have come to expect from our company with 2 grueling matches that feature returning favorites as well as a stunning newcomer.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

In the first competitive match, you will be mesmerized as you see skilled and experienced Maryjane going toe to toe with sexy and fierce newcomer Mayeth. If you have purchased installments like WV-26, you know that Maryjane is not an Asian to be trifled with. She is commanding and controlling, not to mention utterly beautiful. This match will tantalize our customers because Maryjane gets taught a few humiliating lessons by this gorgeous newcomer Mayeth. Mayeth is slender, muscular, fit, and athletic. She wastes little time in throwing Maryjane around the ring despite Maryjane resisting and struggling to gain the upper hand.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Mayeth executes a damaging headscissor move early on and that sets the stage for her to dominate Maryjane consistently. Occasionally, Maryjane is able to get behind Mayeth and control her momentarily, but Mayeth proves too willful for Maryjane and soon Maryjane finds herself pinned down to the mat with her mouth stuffed full of of Mayeth's pussy in a dominating forced facesitting maneuver. Mayeth makes Maryjane endure inescapable headlocks and long, tight face straddling and forced facesitting that is extremely erotic. Yet, what makes this aspect even more scintillating is that with all the rough action and high-spirited fighting, Maryjane's top gets pulled down exposing her firm young tits and long nipples. It is a sight to behold and our customers deserve this level of excellence in submission style wrestling. Mayeth continues to demand submission and the subtitles capture this verbal abuse perfectly.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

In the second intense match, fan favorite Jevy squares off against returning cute-as-a-button Jeremy. Jevy wears a naughty leather top and tiny leopard panties while Jeremy's attire consists of a small white bra and thong-panties that exude sexiness and is exceedingly stimulating. As our customers have come to realize, Jevy is as brutal and commanding as a young Asian girl can be when it comes to submission style wrestling. She is all business and her sole mission is to humiliate, embarrass, and dominate her weaker female Asian opponents. WV-29 is no different and customers are in for another treat of Jevy punishing Jeremy over and over again with her strength, agility, and power.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Jevy utilizes a wide array of adroit moves including crotch-to-crotch restraining pins, enraged headscissiors (where Jevy pulls Jeremy's face and hair so masterfully into her pussy that Jeremy is completely helpless against Jevy's assault despite her straining and writhing around to get free), and some of the tightest, most vehement forced facesitting Jevy has inflicted on one of her victims. Jeremy's top gets pulled down as well during the fight exposing her great tits and nipples but she has bigger problems and can't even protect her modesty and she is constantly being pinned down to the mat with Jevy forcefully stuffing her pussy into her mouth repeatedly.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Finally, Jevy's verbal abuse is unrelenting. Jevy is so demeaning and dominating and taunts Jeremy throughout the match. Expect to read subtitles with phrases like "Try harder bitch," "Get smothered in my pussy," and during a punishing forced facesitting, "Face it! Take it!" And many, many more.

All in all, WV-29 is intense and savage action from start to finish. The 4 young Asian girls are beautiful, toned, and sexy. The action, as ALWAYS, is 100% real and genuine. This is true authentic submission style wrestling as only can deliver. We personally guarantee every video we offer to be unstaged, unscripted, and 100% real fighting. WV-29 contains incredible action that is a must own for any enthusiast of submission style wrestling and forced facesitting. Get your copy of WV-29 today - and sit back and enjoy!

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Real Female Wrestling

- 05/16/2012


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