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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Wrestling WV-31 

Real Female Wrestling WV-31

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WV-31 is a tantalizing addition to the Amateur Women Wrestling submission wrestling library. From the aggressive action, to the close-up camera work, to the seductive costumes, WV-31 will surely satisfy those seeking amateur female wrestling domination.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

The opening bout has gorgeous Maryjane battling seductive Cindy. Two young, slender, toned Asian girls looking to exert their dominance over the other. The intensity can be felt immediately with Maryjane taking control, throwing Cindy to the ground, and fiercely pinning her head and face between her muscular thighs. The long face straddles, coupled with Cindy struggling valiantly to free herself, causes Cindy’s top to be pulled down and her beautiful breasts get fully exposed. You will need to see this dynamic grappling because Cindy has incredible breasts and pert, pointy nipples that make for a truly erotic battle.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Cindy has vibrant red lipstick on as well which gets rubbed off on Maryjane’s panties from the humiliating unwanted forced facesitting she must endure. Of course, Cindy is no pushover and retaliates with a long and vicious headscissors of her own, leaving Maryjane pinned and helpless between Cindy’s thighs. Lots of hairpulling heightens the action.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

This match has enduring, brutal forced facesitting maneuvers and tight, controlling head straddles. The combat is fast paced. and the subtitles enhance all the action with very commanding, domineering verbal abuse going both ways. You’ll enjoy forced pussy-to-mouth throughout the first match with a few surprises as well.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

The 2nd match of WV-31 takes submission style wrestling to a new level. This is due to fan favorite Jevy, perhaps our most dominating wrestler, facing off against gorgeous newcomer Grace. Grace wears a tight black top with white panties. Jevy, in an outfit never seen in Amateur Women Wrestling, wears a one-piece green string bathing suit which scarcely covers her firm breasts and pussy and leaves her ass completely exposed. Her body is taut, athletic, and slender with lots of strength.

Grace combats Jevy’s assault with defensive tactics designed to prevent her mouth and face from being stuffed with Jevy’s scantily covered pussy. Jevy will have none of it as she executes repeated forced facesitting and long, unrelenting headscissors. All the while, Jevy is taunting and verbally abusing Grace, commanding her to face her pussy and smother in her pussy. Additionally, with the tiny bathing suit she wears, fans will have lots of time to gander and examine Jevy’s remarkable breasts and nipples as she is unable to keep them from popping out from behind the green string suit straps. This is both exhilarating and exotic for our viewers.

Finally, Jevy displays a supremely advanced restraining move by executing a standing headscissors on Grace. You will need to see this to appreciate it, but it involves Jevy remaining on the ground and Grace standing but Jevy still will not release Grace’s head and face from between her thighs. Incredible move!

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

WV-31 has it all. The submissions are violently delivered, the eroticism of the sexy young Asian girls is dramatic and energizing, and most importantly, these matches are 100% unstaged, genuine, and authentic. No acting, no plots, no storyline, no nonsense – just pure submission style wrestling with a guarantee that these girls fight for true victory, and this makes the authenticity of Amateur Women Wrestling unparalleled in the industry. Buy WV-31 today to prove it to yourself. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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me - 06/19/2014

oh shit


Action Man - 04/24/2011

This is the best AWW video I have ever seen. I don't know where you get these incredible beautiful Asian girls, but your videos are the most erotic forced facesitting content on the internet. Keep up the INCREDIBLE work - I have been a customer for years...

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