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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Aggressive Nude Catfights CLC-4 

Aggressive Nude Catfights CLC-4

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With repeated interest in more female/female nude submission style wrestling, we delivered CLC-3. Now we offer our next installment of that nude female/female action with CLC-4. Same concept - beautiful, sexy, slender Asian amateur girls battling in tiny bikinis or panties and eventually being stripped and fighting with pussies and tits completely exposed for your viewing pleasure.

Like CLC-3, CLC-4 also delivers 2 furious battles. Juvy and Lanie face off in the first match followed by Anne and Norma in the following contest of wills!

Totally real catfights with dominant & humiliating nude face sitting pins. Verbal abuse leads to the girls below forced to lick the winners pussy. A must see video for real catfighting fans & facesitting fans.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

The 1st battle starts out fast and furious and intense. These girls do not like each other and their persistent and relentless kicking and slapping an hairpulling demonstrate this anger. They are both very attractive young girls so it is tantalizing to see which one will gain the advantage and get her opponent to submit.

Both girls are struggling desperately to avoid being humiliated with a mouth full of unwanted pussy. Sooner or later, it was just a matter of time. Juvy gains control and forces her opponent between her legs and force facesits her by pinning her wrists to the mat and tightly holding onto her hair. Poor but gorgeous Lanie struggles and resists and squirms but she is not going anywhere. Juvy orders her to stop squirming and forces her to please her with some pussy licking even though clearly Lanie wants no part of that. Up close and clear camera angles capture all the heated action and intensity.

Tits and nipples are exposed and panties are pulled off to show off nice, black hairy Asian pussies. This is all part of the submission style nude female vs. female wrestling.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

In the second match, you are introduced to Anne and Norma. These are two unbelievably hot young nubile Asian girls. They are our for blood and domination form the start. Tiny tops and tiny thong panties give the viewer plenty to feast your eyes on as they slap and beat and punch each other viciously. The hairpulling alone is as fierce and deadly and harsh as we have seen in a long, long time.

With the struggling the tops come up and you can enjoy dark Asian nipples on full display. But neither one of these girls wants to have her face trapped between the thighs of her captor so they resist and squirm and struggle to escape from every face straddle, schoolboy pin, and tight headscissor. Norma is a skilled, dominant, commanding young female that seeks to teach her annoying brat of an opponent some lessons in humility and embarrassment. Wirsta nd hands are pinnned to the mat and Anne spends long minutes coming face to face with Norma's pussy - first in panties but then Norma rips off her own panties to expose a nice patch or dark pussy hair for Anne to enjoy, unwillingly. Eventually, Anne has no choice since she can;t escape but to do as she is told and please Norma with long oral sex skills.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

CLC-4 possesses dramatic action, top quality unscripted erotic nude submission style female/female wrestling, and above all, some of the best looking Asian amateurs we have filmed to date. Get a copy of CLC-4 today. Enjoy!

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling
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- 05/01/2014

...MOORE fights with Juvy, please!

What a great video!

- 09/02/2013

Really enjoyed it!

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