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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Aggressive Nude Catfights CLC-5 

Aggressive Nude Catfights CLC-5

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Back by popular demand, we now offer our customers CLC – 5. CLC–5 is the next installment of our female /female submission style nude wrestling with beautiful young and slender amateur Asian girls competing in fierce battle and stripping off their panties and dominating weaker opponents.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Match 1 features 2 extremely sexy young Asians: Lanie and Ivy. The match begins and immediately the two girls launch into aggressive, violent attacks with head and face slapping, violent hair pulling, choking, and anger and determination to hurt and dominate the other girl.

Eventually, through skill and experience, Ivy takes control of Lanie and restrains her wrists and arms to the mat while straddling her face. She then proceeds to pull her blue panties down past her knees so that Lanie gets a face and mouth full of her pussy. Ivy seems to enjoy stuffing that pussy into Lanie's mouth. Lanie resists and struggles, but she gets taught a lesson in humility and gets force facesat.

To add to her humiliation, Ivy forces Lanie to satisfy her by licking her pussy and this is a very erotic development in this match. The body to body grappling causes tits and pert Asian nipples to be exposed.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

The second match also features 2 gorgeous athletic Asians. Juvy and Norma also engage in high-spirited, super fast-paced and intense action. These girls trade blows with choking, dominance, fistfuls of hair being pulled and dragged around the ring , slapping and punching to the face and head to teach the opponent a lesson, and all kinds of fierce action.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Norma is incredibly sexy with her tiny yellow panties, and she's looking for every opportunity to stuff that pussy into Norma's resisting mouth. Unfortunately, Juvy is too strong, and eventually takes over, restraining and pinning Norma to the mat as she proceeds to teach her a lesson by forcing her pussy deep into her weaker opponent'sface and mouth.

Juvy has a nice full pussy and her control and command of Norma is very alluring and erotic. And much like the first match, Juvy exploits her dominance by forcing Norma to lick her pussy and satisfy her sexually.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Overall, CLC–5 is another great example of the type of content we produce. It is genuine, authentic, with no actresses or plots or storylines or phony staged fighting. It is all real, and we know you will enjoy CLC-5.

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