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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Topless Catfights CLC-6 

Real Topless Catfights CLC-6

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CLC-6 has 2 terrific, high spirited, high intensity catfight matches with beautiful and sexy young Asian girls battling aggressively and with utter determination to overpower, handle, and dominate their opponent. It is submission style female wrestling at its most authentic and genuine. No nonsense actresses or phony staged fighting. It's harsh, brutal fighting and the more fierce and skilled Asian girl will emerge victorious.

Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight

The first match has Maryjane squaring off with hostility against Tata. The girls birth have thong style bathing suits on so enjoy the constant view of their tight young asses. They are both slender, fit, and toned.

The action picks up immediately with vicious hair pulling, slapping, kicking, and punching. These young girls leave no aggression behind as they hit and claw and scratch at each other's hair and head and face. One of their suits gets grabbed so hard that her tit and nipple is completely exposed.

Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight

Maryjane dominates Tata in these three rounds force facesitting her consistently as she pins Tata's arms to the mat by holding and securing her wrists. Great camera angles and tight young Asian butts on display as Maryjane teaches Tata a lesson while Tara tries to resist and avoid this humiliation. anthr erotic sequence is when Maryjane overpowers Tata and traps her head between her thighs as she executes a painful, embarrassing, headscissors maneuver. During the move, Tata's face and mouth is not stuffed directly into Maryjane's mouth and Maryjane is not satisfied with this, so she simply but firmly and sternly grabs a hold of Tara's hair and commandingly pulls Tara's mouth and face face deep up and directly in contact with her pussy. She holds Tara's hands so she can't fend her off as she continues thus controlling move.

Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight

In the 2nd match, Tata returns to faces off against young Jevy. Jevy has an incredibly sexy, nubile, tight Asian body as she wears tiny grey thong panties and an alluring yellow top. Her ass is firm and small and round and she is athletic and strong and you know she will plan to give Tata a run for her money.

As in match 1, the battling and fighting get under way at tremendous pace and high spirited intensity. Hair pulling to the extreme and powerful head locks get applied. Jevy takes the upper hand first and traps Tata in a headlock and exerts some very nice control and authority. Jevy takes control with a tight schoolboy pin and face straddle with wrists pinned to the mat. This forced facesitting demonstrates Jevy's power over Tata and is very stimulating.

Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight Women catfight

In the next round, however, Tata reverses who is in charge and traps Jevy between her thighs and secures her there nicely while Jevy squirms and tries to escape the headscissors with no luck. Tata grabs Jevy's hair with no remorse or caution and handily yanks Jevy's mouth and face up into her pussy so Jevy can't move or twist and has to just accept this humiliation and take it until Tara is done with her.

In the upcoming rounds, the action remains aggressive and we see Jevy regaining the upper hand as she force face sits Tata keeping her pussy pressed up and into Tata's face and mouth. What is extremely erotic is that in the middle of the match, both girls forcibly rip off the other girl's top exposing young, pert, firm Asian tits and sexy pointy nipples as they battle topless for the remainder of the match. Customers will certainly enjoy and appreciate watching a topless Jevy pin down and dominate the beautiful Tata as Jevy force facesits and controls her victim.

Women catfight

Please enjoy CLC-6. We thank you for your support and give our customers our commitment to provide you with the best unstaged, unscripted, authentic submission style amateur Asian wrestling available in the marketplace today. We will bring our customers the hottest and sexiest young Asian females battling for control and victory like you will see here in CLC-6. Thank you again and let us know how much you liked it

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