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Mixed Wrestling MV-18 

Mixed Wrestling MV-18

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Strong girl vs strong boy. Aggressive submission style wrestling. Intense determined action where domineering Asian girls overpower and humiliate fit Asian young men. Expect these scenes and more when you watch our latest spectacular addition to our competitive mixed wrestling series, MV-18.

In the first match, Norma brings her considerable fighting skills with authority against Nestor, a strong and lean 18 year old Asian boy. With her toned arms and muscular thighs, Norma is bound to control Nestor throughout the match, and this is precisely what she does. Nestor puts up significant resistance but is really helpless against the vigorous attacks of the forceful Norma.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Norma, clad in small blue thong panties and a tight white bra, combines multiple relentless attacks on Nestor including vicious forced facesitting, tight schoolgirl pins and straddles, and savage squeezing headscissors. She restrains Nestor to the mat and forces her pussy down on his mouth with masterful technique and impressive control.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The match is intense and high-spirited highlighted by two captivating elements. One is during the forced facesitting scenes with Norma's panties. You will have to witness the action to get the complete appreciation but suffice to say, Norma's facesitting is so savage that her little blue panties ride up nicely into her pussy which is extremely erotic. The second is a crotch to crotch grapevine spread-eagle pin that Norma executes, keeping Nestors's legs spread apart widely which is both painful and humiliating. Norma taunts him verbally during the match as well (with subtitles).

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The second match features a fan favorite Jevy (age 22) against Albert (age 18). Jevy has age and experience on Albert, and this one-sided domination display portrays some of our most commanding mixed submission style wrestling to date.

From the opening dynamic moments, you will see and read that Jevy is all business and has every intention of both physically and verbally abusing Albert with venom, rage, and brutality. Jevy's words are harsh like "Fight so you don't get smothered by my pussy you asshole" and "Take it in and get sound like a weak shit." Jevy is on a mission to have her pussy eaten and nothing is going to stop her.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Jevy executes a masterful crotch to crotch grapevine spread-eagle pin in which she holds Albert helpless until she is satisfied while Albert struggles courageously. Jevy is agile and zealous in her quest to dominate and control Albert. She employs superior tight headscissors. Jevy grabs Albert's hair and pulls her weaker opponent's head and face deep into her pussy while simultaneously twisting and wrapping her legs together around his head. This maneuver is commanding and exhilarating for mixed wrestling fans. She keeps him pinned under her forced facesitting throughout most of the match.

Get a copy of MV-18 today. It is our latest release and the action is non-stop and energetic for the entire 45 minutes. It is mixed submisison-style wrestling at its finest because it is unscripted, unstaged, and 100% real. There are no actors, plots, or fake fighting of any kind with our videos. We make that guarantee to our customers with every video we produce. Your satisfaction is our only goal. And MV-18 is sure to delight all fans who appreciate 100% genuine mixed wrestling.

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