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Mixed Wrestling MV-19 

Mixed Wrestling MV-19

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The wait is over. Our highly anticipated MV series continues with 2 intense mixed wrestling battles. These “No Holds Barred” hard fought matches highlight the athletic physique and sexually charged dominance of fan favorite Jevy against the high-spirited and extremely proud Ralfi and Nestor. Both of these young, fit men are out to prove their superiority over Jevy, but Jevy has other plans and the result will surely please all of our customers who get a front row seat to all the brutal, unrelenting, and non-stop action in these 2 contests of will and perseverance.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

In the first match, Jevy’s attire alone will start your heart racing. She is outfitted in a tiny white bra and small and revealing red thong panties. You will appreciate every curve and muscle in her nubile, slender, outstanding body, especially her incredible legs and ass.

The ferocious grappling and fighting begins immediately and it is instantly apparent that Jevy intends to waste no time showing Ralfi who is the superior wrestler. She engages in her typical headlocks and advanced judo-style flips to the floor to gain the advantaged position on top of Ralfi. While on the mat, we see Jevy adjust her balance so she is able to maneuver Ralfi exactly where she wants him – his face between her legs.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Once there, Ralfi feels humiliated and writhes and struggles and squirms to break free from Jevy’s vicious forced facesitting. Ralfi is unsuccessful despite continued valiant attempts to end Jevy’s domination. Jevy and Raffi engage in a few more rounds of fierce competition with Jevy executing inescapable tight face smothers, long painful face straddles and vicious headscissors, literally grabbing Ralfi by the hair and unmercifully pulling his head and face deep into her waiting pussy despite his utter determination to prevent this embarrassment.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Throughout the battle, Jevy’s cruel and sadistic verbal abuse never extinguish. She commands Ralfi with profanity and harsh phrases like “Face my pussy” when he tries to turn his head so his mouth is not stuffed with Jevy’s eager pussy. Additionally, Jevy’s sexy red panties leave little to the imagination so customers are perpetually treated to the very private regions of Jevy’s crotch. Very stimulating!

Mixed Wrestling

In the second match, Jevy finds herself in a sexy black bra and on her bottom half, a tight leopard thong which accentuates her beautiful ass again.

The fast-paced and competitive combat between Jevy and Nestor is equally extreme and forceful. In fact, Nestor fights Jevy off with a little more success than Ralfi for awhile. Make no mistake, however. Jevy employs her usualy tactics which include violent forced facesitting (sometimes so powerful that Nestor’s nose gets pushed in and bent to the side because Jevy is shoving her pussy so hard and deep into his face), immovable wrist restraining which render Nestor helpless, and enduring verbal abuse and foul language which seem to enhance her enjoyment of his humiliation.

This second bout also contains a long crotch to crotch grapevine pin by Jevy. Jevy uses all strength to spread Nestor’s legs wide apart and keep them spread for a good stretch of time. The move is skilled and controlling and obviously painful. Jevy shows no remorse.

MV-19 continues our tradition of female dominates a determined male with non-stop action, exciting and skilled wrestling tactics, and of course, Jevy, one of the most alluring and sexually charged young Asians featured on our entire site. This hostile brawl is 100% genuine and authentic. Our AWW site has no plots, actresses, or storylines. The clash of strength and will is pure and fought with absolute legitimate desire on both sides for the pursuit of victory. We guarantee EVERY SINGLE VIDEO with a 100% satisfaction for our loyal and dedicated customers. AWW produces the best submission style wrestling content available, and when you purchase MV-19, you will agree. Get your copy today.

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