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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Mixed Wrestling MV-20 

Mixed Wrestling MV-20

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Our dynamic MV series is back in full force with the latest installment of the finest M/F submission style wrestling available today. Truly authentic, rapid-paced, and fierce action from start to finish, MV-20 is now complete and ready to thrill our loyal customers.

The first match of MV-20 features one of our newest hot wrestlers Mayeth against Romie. Mayeth is looking slender and athletic as ever clad in a leather type bikini with a very short skirt flare and high black boots. Romie is young, fit, and seems capable of defending himself.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

However, when the battle commences, the dominance is led by Mayeth. She wrestles Romie to the ground using leverage, strength, and agility. She places Romie into a vicious grapevine spread-eagle position. The camera angle and close-ups are amazing as our viewers are treated to tight personal shots of Mayeth's incredible ass and crotch pressed up against the helpless Romie.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Mayeth also applies some masterfully aggressive long squeezing headscissors. Romie struggles but no luck - escape is impossible. Tight forced facesitting are one of Mayeth's specialties, and with her short flare skirt riding up, those small white panties she has on look ultra erotic pressed up against Romie's unwilling face. She mocks Romie with statements like "Here, smother in this."

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Finally, you will need to see this part of the match to fully appreciate it, but Romie does manage to briefly turn the tables on Mayeth and pin her arms/wrists to the mat and he facesits her with a vengeance. To see the dominant Mayeth get taught a lesson by Romie is hot, hot, hot.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

The second match has all-star Jevy in a gold bikini and micro-skirt with hot black boots fighting against Rex. Rex looks to be a tough competitor and the match starts out in true high-spirited battling form with each opponent trying desperately to throw the other one down to the mat fervently.

Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

Eventually, Jevy takes the commanding upper hand and delivers a brutal grapevine spread eagle pin, exposing her tiny black panties for all to enjoy. The panties are so small that they barely cover her pussy and from the back angles the camera work is spectacular with zooming shots and sexy angles of the gorgeous Jevy.

Jevy eventually has her skirt removed and fights the remainder of the match in her top and miniscule black thong panties. Jevy is always verbally abusive, and commands Rex with phrases like "Stop moving your hands" because he struggles and wiggles and desperately tries to free himself. However, he still finds himself on the receiving end of some very forceful and violent long headscissors and tight face straddles and forced facesitting pins that display Jevy's power and dominance.

Mixed Wrestling

MV-20 has all the makings of a superior M/F submission style grudge match. The quality of the match is outstanding, erotic, and arousing. Customers have come to expect that we only deliver 100% pure genuine wrestling. We do not use actors, plots, or storylines. These competitors want to win and dominate and they hold nothing back. We do not produce any fake or staged action - we leave that to other sites. JB and D Sports and specialize is authentic, unscripted submission style wrestling like you will find in MV-20. That is our guarantee and our commitment to our customers. Get a copy of MV-20 today to see for yourself!

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Two Hot Sexy Male Wrestlers in MV-20

- 12/25/2014

Both fights had two of the hottest, sexiest male wrestlers I have seen. The first fight starred Romie who has an extremely sweet handsome face and strong, smooth, lean, muscular, super sexy body.
The secong fight starred Rex who also has a very handsome ...


- 12/13/2014

strong woman

strong woman

- 03/16/2014

great strong woman,i would like to fight against her to.


- 11/23/2013

beautiful real strong girl,i would like to have a fight with her to.

Thanks for MV20. Super brawl !!!!!

- 05/19/2011

Mv20 is a first rate mixed battle. The second girl jevy or whatever her name is has a hot body and kicks ass on those guys. The first match is super hot also. I don't know where you guys do your films or get your girls but they are hot and I love your st...

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