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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Tag Team Wrestling WV-36 

Real Female Tag Team Wrestling WV-36

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We proudly present our next installment in our popular WV series. WV 36 has all the aspects of genuine, authentic submission style wrestling featuring some of the hottest Asian amateur girls you'll find wrestling today. Match 1 has lean Mayeth against nubile newbie Chamie. The 2nd match is incredible with a highly anticipated 2 on 1 match featuring top wrestler Jevy against compact sexy Wellmarch and gorgeous newcomer Jaycel. Both matches are fast paced, vicious, intense, and sexually stimulating.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

The first match has Mayeth battling a beautiful, slender, attractive newcomer. These newcomers have a lot to prove, as she has no intention of being humiliated and embarrassed at the hands of the seasoned veteran wrestler like Mayeth. Chamie twists, turns, writhes, strains, and struggles valiantly to avoid being pinned and dominated.

With our newcomer struggling and resisting with all her might, Mayeth engages in headlocks, reclining headscissors (a very advanced technique) takedowns, aggressive maneuvers, all with the hopes of getting this newcomer pinned on her back to the mat. When she can't pin her directly down to the mat, she does the next best thing which is to trap the rookie's head in between her muscular and toned thighs so she can't escape.

From that point on Mayeth is able to take control and manages to facesit her victim in long tight face straddles and supreme schoolgirl pins complete with wrists and arms pinned to the mat. These restraining aggressive schoolboy pins are captured beautifully by great camera work.

Mayeth is also verbally commanding. With Chamie trapped powerfully between Mayeth's unrelenting thighs, Mayeth warns her "Keep moving and I will break your neck." Humiliating for Chamie

This match will delight all of our customers as the women are alluring and sexually stimulating, the outfits are small with nipples being exposed from the aggressive grappling, and as usual, there are no actresses or plots or storylines. Just pure fierce fighting and domination between these two sexy young Asians.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Moving forward, after many requests and with great anticipation, we present the second match from WV 36. This match is a two on one match featuring our top wrestler Jevy with her hands fall in an intense match with powerhouse Wellmarch and another sexy physically stunning newcomer named Jaycel.

These two girls are very aware that Jevy is strong, agile, athletic, and eventually has her way with all the girls that she wrestles. These two want to make certain that Jevy does not eventually get control and humiliate them.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

From the beginning of the match, you can see that this is going to be a very fast-paced, high-spirited, brutal fight. None of the girls are able to get any type of control or pin going. Just when it seems that Jevy or one of the opponents are going to begin to get control, the bottom girl resists and struggles and is eventually able to get free. Jevy does indeed go after Jaycel with a vengeance but Jaycel executes mid-section arching or blockades with her feet and legs to prevent Jevy from gaining control.

Jevy, per usual, delivers strong verbal abuse while trying to get these two girls under her authority and teach them a lesson in humility. The camera gives us a nice view from behind too so we can see Jevy's small tight ass atop of these girls' faces.

Jevy utilizes all her tactics to gain the upper hand. She twists and turns, captures from the back as she uses all her strength and weight and muscle to keep the girls from moving, exercises chokeholds and other means of subduing the girls so they can't move. Tight inescapable head scissors are a key weapon for Jevy and she utilizes that move with skill and talent.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

Despite almost being overpowered by the two girls, Jevy eventually does what she always does and takes full command of these two victims. She force facesits them each a different times, and each a great length, taunting them and verbally abusing them ("Take it in with my pubes" as she force facesits and straddles Jaycel) and filling their mouths with her unwanted pussy. Arms and wrists are pinned to the mat. Close-up camera angles capture the mouth on pussy control and domination. And because the outfits are so skimpy with little panties, Jevy's pubes can easily be seen being in the face and mouths of these poor girls.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

At one point, while Jaycel's mouth is being filled with Jevy's pussy, she laments "I want out." Jevy coolly replies "When I am ready." Clearly Jevy enjoys humiliating and dominating these defenseless girls.

Wellmarch and Jaycel get embarrassed and can do absolutely nothing but accept their punishment eventually with Jevy grinding her pussy fiercely and solidly into her mouth. The girls get pinned over and over with ultra long facesitting pins, superior face/head straddling maneuvers, and overall complete dominance.

Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling Women Wrestling

This 2 on 1 match has been requested and suggested for a long time and now we proudly deliver it to you. LIKE ALL OUR MATCHES AND CONENT, EXPECT 100% PURE GENUINE FIGHTING AND ACTION. Nothing phony, nothing fake, nothing staged. A must have for the personal library. Thank you or your patience. Enjoy this intense WV-36 production.

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AWWFAN - 08/11/2013

Wv-36 might be the best video you guys have ever produced. It has everything like the chicks are drop dead gorgeous and that main chick Jevy is a badass. I love watching her force that Asian pussy onto the fave of those defenseless chicks. Keep it rockin ...

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