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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Tag Team Wrestling WV-37 

Real Female Tag Team Wrestling WV-37

Price: AUD$25.00
Approximately: USD $18.16

Video Format: Download (MP4)

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WV-37 has 2 action packed and stimulating matches for your enjoyment and pleasure. Match 1 features the compact powerhouse Wellmarch against newcomer Jamaica. Match 2 features an incredible 2 on 2 tag team match with seasoned veterans Jevy and Mayeth each with a newcomer as well.

These matches run the spectrum of high intensity, eroticism, fierce girls, verbal abuse, skilled wrestling maneuvers, up close camera angles, and of course, the hottest young Asian beauties fighting with no scripts, plots, or phoniness- this is all 100% genuine battling with the ultimate goal being command, dominance, and humiliation over their opponent.

Wellmarch is clad in a tight white bra and tiny blue thong panties. Jamaica has a tight blue sundress on but with all the struggling and grappling, her dress spends 99% of the first round up around her mid section so her little white cotton thong panties are easy to enjoy. Tight, young Asian butts are on full display throughout this entire match.

Wellmarch usually has an easier time subduing her opponents and dominating them even as they struggle. Jamaica is proud and fights back valiantly. Wellmarch is forced to execute some advanced wrestling maneuvers. One on particular is the face down headscissors submission technique. Very intense and very erotic. Wellmarch lies on her stomach and lifts her athletic calves and legs back and traps Jamaica's head face down to the mat between her legs. Jamaica's ass is stuck facing straight up in the air and she can't move or escape. Quite a controlling pin.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling
asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

The second and final round we stripped Jamaica of her sundress so both young Asians are now in bra and revealing thong panties. The action hears up considerably as Wellmarch takes control with more headscissors, aggressive takedown to the mat, tight face straddles and lots of long forced humiliating facesitting for Jamaica as she pins and traps her wrists to the mat with force and command.

These two young Asian beautiful girls go after each other and attack each other like wildcats. It is extremely erotic and they clearly do not like each other. Throughout the match you will see lots of kicking and head locks and arms and legs being pulled and grabbed and twisted. Legs are pulled apart which is both revealing and humiliating for the female victim.

One of the most sexually erotic elements of this match occurs when with all the struggling and straining body to body, Wellmarch's bra rides up allowing her pert, firm Asian tits and nipples to pop free. Her tits are incredible with pointy nipples and they are dangling over Jamaica as she pins her wrists to the mat and force facesits her. Jamaica's mouth gets stuffed unwillingly with Wellmarch's pussy and Wellmarch enjoys her command over the struggling but overpowered Jamaica. Wellmarch orders her to “Stop Struggling” as she humiliates her weaker opponent. This is a very aggressive match.

Match 2 is definitely one of our most exciting installments because instead of 2 sexy, young Asian girls fighting and brawling intensely, there are 4. In match 2 we feature seasoned wrestlers Jevy and Mayeth each with a newcomer on either side for this tag team spectacular.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling
asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

There are lots of changeovers and crossovers with the veterans facing each other and then the veterans fighting each of the newcomers. As a result, this match very enthralling and stimulating.

Customers will be treated to lots of high spirited action and first rate domination by the stronger girls over the weaker girls. All of the young and beautiful Asian girls are wearing skimpy outfits with form fitting bras and tiny thongs and panties. All of these four young Asian girls have athletic and slender bodies, toned and nubile physiques, and all 4 have taut, firm, shapely asses that need to be witnessed and examined.

The veterans deliver top quality wrestling moves on each other and their newcomer partners. You will see aggressive and forceful face straddling, forced faceitting, schoolboy pins, reverse facesitting, and pussy to pussy spread eagle pins. This match contains them all.

The main key to our continued customer satisfaction is that this action is not fake or staged or scripted. It does not involve any actresses or porn star nonsense. This is pure 100% genuine amateur Asian submission style wrestling with no script, plot, or storylines. These proud Asian girls all want to win and dominate and control and command their opponent/victim and pinning then to the mat and forcing their pussy onto the face and mouth of their resisting female victim is the ultimate form of humiliation.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling
asian female wrestling

For example, when Jevy gains control of one of her opponents, she begins to aggressively force facesit the poor girl while pinning her down to the mat. The girl trapped between her thighs tries to turn her away from Jevy's pussy. Jevy simply does not allow this so she forcibly and violently grabs the girl on both sides of get head and twists her neck so her mouth is directly in line with Jevy's pussy. It is one of the most erotic moves you will see. Jevy couples that which consistent verbal abuse such as “Do you think you can really avoid my pussy?”

There are two final aspects to this video that make WV-37 a must have for the personal library.

One feature involves Jevy. In the last round of the video the action gets so hot and heavy and the fighting is so intense that Jevy's bra actually rips open! Her dark brown nipples and full firm tits are completely exposed. Being the fighter that she is she continues to wrestle and battle but we get treated to her luscious body.

The other features involves the final stages of this video when all four young Asian beauties are brought into the ring and proceed to fight at the same time. It is quite stimulating to watch these 4 punish and dominate each other at the same time. 2 girls are force face sat and scissored by their face at the end of the match? You need to see for yourself.

We hope you love WV-37. Our customers will have many hours of viewing pleasure with this new release.

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