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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Wrestling WV-38 

Real Female Wrestling WV-38

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We are very excited to release the next stimulating installment of our award winning WV series – that being WV-38. WV-38 features two thrilling matches. Each match has one seasoned veteran wrestler against a newcomer with little experience and lots to fight for when it comes to pride and making a good showing. Of course, all 4 females are young, beautiful, Asian amateurs with taut toned bodies, athletic physiques, nice round and tight asses, and we allow them very little clothing so our viewers can enjoy the exposure of these luscious young nubile bodies as they grapple and wrestle with ferocity

The first match has stellar Mayeth up against newcomer Jenalyn. Jenalyn is a stocky, strong, fit young girl with very large, seductive, and firm breasts and she as her hands full because Mayeth is catlike, athletic, and quick and agile. Both girls start in tight bras and tiny, form fitting skirts that show off their little thong panties (Mayeth has white thong panties on, Jenalyn has little red thong panties on) during all the grappling and struggling.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

The action starts off fast and furious and Mayeth quickly takes the upper hand and traps Jenalyn into a forced facesitting. Jenalyn does not take kindly to this aggression but Mayeth does an expert job of pinning her wrists to the mat and holding her restrained on her back. You can see the pain and discomfort on Jenlayn's face as she is pinned down and humiliated with Mayeth's pussy.

Jenalyn is probably used to getting her way because she is sturdy and stronger than a lot of young Asian girls but Mayeth is having none of her nonsense and executes headlocks, tight body scissors, aggressive takedowns, and squeezes and control's Jenlayn's head and neck with force.

During the squirming and with Mayeth force facesitting her with extreme intensity, Jenalyn's top comes down and we get to feast our eyes on her wonderful, shapely, firm breasts, Her nipples are hard and protruding and because she is being held down firmly by her captor Mayeth, she can't cover those breasts. This is a very erotic sight to see.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

Round 2 we remove their skirts so they must fight in bra and panties only. Jenalyn is determined to put up a more grueling fight but this seems to anger Mayeth who violently throws her to the ground and delivers a tight face straddle as she force facesits her again with skill and precision. Great camera angles capture all the intense action. You'll see slapping, kicking, and powerful hairpulling. Also Mayeth dominates her opponent using a pussy to pussy figure-4 spread eagle pin pulling Jenalyn's legs apart against her wishes. Mayeth also has an advanced technique with a lying down headscissors where she traps her victim's head between her thighs even as her victim is trying to stand up. Incredible.

Mayeth verbally abuses and taunts Jenalyn as she resits this punishment by saying “You're stupid to resist” as it makes Mayeth dominate her even more. This is a great erotic first match.

Match two features Wellmarch up against Joy and this match highlights some of the most intense action we have filmed in a long long time.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

Wellmarch is a stunning beauty and a fan favorite because of her compact frame, supple and slender body with a beautiful set of curves and an incredible ass. We put her in a tiny white bra and light blue thong panties for your viewing enjoyment. Newcomer Joy has an athletic and lean talked frame and is wearing a tight black bra with tiny red thong panties to complement her gorgeous figure. Joy has smoldering eyes and an absolutely beautiful face.

The action is fast paced, brutal, and high intensity. These sexy girls do not like each other and they are both determined and intent on embarassing and humiliating the other girl with domination, forced facesittng, and being held down against their will.

The exhilarating element of Match 2 centers around Wellmarch's domination and authority over the resisting and writhing Joy while she is force facesitting her. Wellmarch decides she wants to humiliate and embarrass Joy to really teach her a lesson and show her who's boss. To accomplish this, while she has Joy's mouth and face trapped between her legs and into her pussy, she reaches her arms back in an attempt to roll up Joy's legs and double her back over with her exposed ass facing straight up.

Joy fervently tries to prevent this embarrassing position and she kicks and strains her legs with all her might. Eventually, Wellmarch overpowers her and pulls Joy's legs up and back over.

In this position, Wellmarch can do what she wants with the helpless girl. She decides to spank her helpless victim on the ass with some nice,tight,firm spanks on her exposed and basically bare bottom.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

This is a new element of our WV series that customers have been begging us for since we began this WV Series. They want the dominating girl to give out spankings to their helpless victims and our more aggressive, stronger Asian girls have been eager to dish out some spankings to their weaker opponents. Expect to see more of this in the future.

As always, our content is genuine, authentic, and without scripts or actresses or storylines. This is part of what we aimed to accomplish when we opened our production house 20 years ago. We wanted to improve on the mediocre, fake, phony, lifeless action we saw in the world of submission style wrestling. Additionally, we wanted to make certain that we presented some of the most beautiful, slender, young, Asian girls available to fight and fight aggressively. This is what we have accomplished and these 2 matches are an example of this. Get a copy of WV-38 to see for yourself. Thank you to all of our loyal customers. Enjoy!

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WOW! Supergood

Per Christer Hansson - 04/25/2014

Moore off these please!

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