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Welcome to our non-fake, non-staged wrestling & catfight site
We specialize in 100% real female wrestling & catfights. Check out our real action by viewing our free sample clips.

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Real Female Wrestling WV-39 

Real Female Wrestling WV-39

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It is our pleasure to release today WV-39 with 2 fights that feature some of the hottest female wrestling available today. When it comes to 100% real wrestling action with forced female/female facesitting humiliation, then has it all. We continue to find the most beautiful young Asian females that have one main interest - to fully dominate and humiliate their weaker opponent. No staged or phony nonsense. WV-39 features 2 fierce battles with 4 slender, athletic, attractive Asian girls.

In the first fight, the intense action begins from the moment these young gals hear the word "Fight." Fan favorite and dynamic Wellmarch squares off against newcomer Liten. Wellmarch is in her traditional tight white bra and revealing blue thong panties. Liten has a sexy black leather bra and black thong panties. Both girls have tight, firm butts and nice alluring breasts.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

They quickly begin grappling and headlocking each other, trying to drag the other one to the ground where they can apply their commanding facesitting technique most effectively. Liten seems to gain the upper hand with her taller frame as she headlocks the smaller Wellmarch and tries to pin her down to the mat. Wellmarch struggles loose though and uses her strong thighs to trap Liten's head between them as she flips Liten over on her side to execute an inescapable headscissors. From there, Wellmarch flips her again onto her back and executes her dominating forced facesitting while pinning Liten's wrists down firmly to the mat.

Liten is not used to this humiliation and tries to turn her head away so her mouth and face are not directly stuffed into Wellmarch's pussy. Wellmarch will have none of this and uses her legs to turn Liten's mouth and face to be directly under her eager pussy. Wellmarch delivers some dominating long head-scissor holds that have her victim completely helpless, trapped between the strong, firm, beautiful. Excellent camera angles capture all the gripping action up close. The action is high spirited and competitive but Wellmarch is too experienced and too powerful and Liten finds herself humiliated with being pinned and overpowered and force facesat by this smaller, more commanding young Asian.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

The second match has veteran Jevee paired to do battle against another newcomer Judyann. This match is extremely intense and clearly the dominant Jevee is on a mission to humiliate and dominate Judyann for her own pleasure. Jevee pins Judyann repeatedly and executes long and commanding forced facesitting pins. Judy struggles valiantly but with little luck. Jevee is also wearing a tantalizing tiny green string 1 piece that has her practically entirely naked! And the ass on Judyann is something to behold and enjoy.

This energetic match between Jevee and Judyann is very interesting in that Jevee tries her usual headlock and throw to the mat to gain control. Yet, Judyann has sturdy and muscular toned young legs and she is not easy for Jevee to bring down. this frustrates Jevee and makes her mad.

Jevee uses this anger to finally toss her down to the mat and face straddle Judyann aggressively. She is pissed and says "Did you really think you were going to avoid my pussy?" Jevee likes to verbally abuse and belittle her victims, especially as she is pinning them down and force facesitting them despite their resisting. She taunts her with "Come on. Try and break free" as she facesits her and secures Judyann between her legs. The action is hard-fought, fast, and incredibly sexy.

asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling asian female wrestling

You will also see Jevee's signature fierce headscissor maneuver where she grabs Judyann's hair and pulls her face right up into her pussy which is inescapable to avoid. So erotic.

Best of all, look at the preview clip. Jevy has firm pointy tits and long nipples and because we clad her in this tiny string outfit, our loyal customers will be able to slow motion and pause Jevee's exposed tits and nipples almost throughout the entire match and especially when she is force facesitting Judyann with those long nipples protruding outward as she dominates her. Wow.

asian female wrestling

WV-39 features 45 minutes of intense face smothering action, long and dominant school girl pins with the helpless victim using all of their power to get free from this humiliating position but having no success. Real amateur facesitting with full weight crotch to mouth dominant face smother pins and lots of hard struggling from the girls below, as none of the girls on the bottom want to have their faces sat on. A must see for face-sitting fans and highly recommended for head scissor fans too.

As always, our videos are 100% authentic - this is not staged, phony, fake, or acted in any way, shape, or form. We make good on our promise to deliver you the most genuine and real FORCED facesitting wrestling you can find anywhere. Enjoy WV-39!

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